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Field Template


Field Template
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Field Template
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*ETC & PRG & Selecon 3.8 Packs Released*

ETC, PRG, and Selecon 3.8 object libraries are complete and ready to meet the world! Click here to read more!

Educational Site Licenses!
The ”Chinese Menu” approach to CAD symbol libraries: Start with the basic SoftSymbols™ tools, and add five manufacturers of your choice for a sweet low price!

Beam Spread Stencil Directions!
The color‐coded map and full direction package that identifies the layout and basic functions of this evolutionary template!

FREE Field Template™ Poster!
The latest compilation of plastic profundity from the Mouse of Shelley! [24” x 36”]

The complete USITT-approved RP-2 Drafting Standard in poster format. [18” x 24”]

Check out the Field Template Swag Store!

SoftPlot 9 adopts SoftSymbols™!
Stage Research includes SoftSymbols™ for SoftPlot 9.

The entire collection of Field Templates™ plastic stencils are available through authorized dealers, while SoftSymbols™ can be downloaded through the shopping cart. All of these products are designed exclusively by Steve Shelley.

Steve’s also the author of A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting Third Edition, published by Focal Press, and available at

Field Template

THE Source for Theatrical Lighting Symbols.

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